Avaaz and its Influence on Global Issues

With just ten years in existence, Avaaz has a presence in over 194 countries. The organization estimates that it has over 44 million members, and it prides itself on using over 17 languages to reach its target audience. The U.S based civic organization is in the best place to champion global activism on issues such as climate change, corruption, poverty, and human rights among other pertinent concerns. The Guardian considers Avaaz “the globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network.”

When Avaaz was founded in 2007, the founders who include Res Publica, MoveOn.org, and Service Employees International Union strived to create a name that resonates well with their mission. Avaaz is a transliteration of the Persian word ‘’ âvâz.” The word stands for “voice’’ or “sound.” Avaaz is the voice of many people around the globe looking to raise their concerns to the right authorities and more information click here.

The civic organization’s success can be attributed to the efficient use of the internet. With over three billion people on the web, the organization has a huge audience. Some of the tools the organization uses to reach its members and to pass across their campaigns are emails, videos, online public petitions, and in rare cases advertisements. Members of Avaaz can initiate petitions. Online petitions started by members are scrutinized by a team of specialists who then send out tester emails to 10,000 Avaaz’s members. Depending on the response that the tester emails receive, a suggested petition may be opened for all Avaaz’s members or returned to the initiating member(s) for further refinement and what Avaaz knows.

With over ten years in global activism, Avaaz has successfully contributed to progressive courses. For example, Avaaz contributed to the achievement of the Paris Climate Accord, free and open internet, forest conservation, assisting refugees, saving bees from dangerous chemicals, and ocean conservation among other accomplishments and http://www.ngo-monitor.org/ngos/avaaz/.


Why My Pup Gets Only Beneful Dog Food

Shopping for Beneful dog food at my local Walmart allows me to combine two of the things I love most: spoiling my dog Chips and being able to buy everyone on my grocery list in one place. As a single mother with a full time job I don’t have a lot of time for grocery shopping. Driving to a pet store when I only need one item, food, is just not in my wheel house as far as time goes and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.

That’s why I love that I can buy high quality, cost effective dog food right at Walmart. Chips has tried many different flavors of Beneful, they have so many offerings it is fun to let him try different flavors. His favorite is the dry dog food Beneful Originals with Real Salmon. He also often gets the same flavor in wet food for a treat every now and then. Beneful is very affordable and a 40 lb bag runs me just about $34.

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The Open Society Is Still The Aim Of Philanthropist George Soros

The world of philanthropy has been the main concern of Hungarian-born hedge fund manager George Soros, but he is often best known in the U.S. as the most famous liberal donor providing financial support to many candidates for the Presidency of the nation from the Democratic Party. Politico reports the truth behind the truth behind the political donations provided by Soros to Democrat candidates and groups have largely been limited to the 2004 and 2016 election campaigns when he provided major backing for the candidacy of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. George Soros has never been a donor to simply throw money at a Presidential election, but will only assist in developing the campaigns of those he feels are supporting the liberal agenda he himself believes in and learn more about Soros.

Soros has been a well-known backer of many causes found in the liberal area of the political spectrum he has been a major supporter of for more than five decades. The interest in politics has always been known about by the Holocaust survivor who set out to develop a new way of looking at the world after completing a refugee journey from Hungary to London and later to New York; the aid of the philosopher Karl Popper has been well documented in the life of Soros as he took on much of the liberal ideology Popper publicized in his many works and more information click here.

Popper’s work still forms the backbone of the work completed by Soros in the 21st-century with his most famous philosophical ideology, the Open Society even lending its name to the network of charitable groups established by Soros in the 1970s. George Soros has been looking to bring a political change to the lives of those living in closed societies who reflect the difficult life the Hungarian people saw after being occupied by Nazi German forces in World War II and under the rule of the Soviet Union and the murderous regime of Joseph Stalin and Soros’s lacrosse camp.

In an article written for The Atlantic, George Soros explained his belief in the open society and how this philosophy has changed his life for the better with an interest in the way the world is changing at all times. Soros believes the U.S. political situation is currently causing a threat to a range of areas in the global society, particularly to the security of the world and the economic growth needed to continue the development of different communities. As with the Presidency of George W. Bush which prompted his backing of John Kerry in 2004, Soros believes the rise of the right-wing backing of the Presidency of Donald Trump is causing issues across the planet in terms of an insecure economic and security situation capable of bringing about major issues for millions of people.

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José Henrique Borghi Provides Effective Advertising Services

If you’re looking for a reliable advertising company or advertising professional in Brazil, then check out José Henrique Borghi of Brazilian ad agency Mullen Lowe. José Henrique Borghi has been catering to the marketing and advertising needs of businesses for many years and comes highly recommended in the industry.

 Business owners that do not advertise effectively wind up wasting money and valuable time. It is imperative to enlist the services of a competent advertising professional or agency.

Advertising agencies provide many benefits to businesses and marketers. Reaching your potential customers requires constant promotions and advertising, and using a variety of strategies and resources.

Advertising professionals live and breathe advertising and marketing promotions, and applying their skills and creativity to your marketing and advertising. Additionally, a good advertising agency research your business and understand how it would attract the greatest number of potential customers, which helps in generating more sales and revenue for your company and learn more about Borghi.

If you set up and maintain an entire marketing team, you could end up spending a fortunes on payroll and still not have access to all of the resources and talent required. On the other hand, if you hire an advertising agency to handle your marketing and promotions, you will have time to focus on running your business while saving a huge sum of money and more information click here.

José Henrique Borghi has a great team of experts who takes care of the entire process, from creating an ad campaign and media buying to getting the word out there about your company and your products. He has been achieving outstanding results for clients and is well known in the Brazilian business and marketing communities.

It’s a good idea to contact José Henrique Borghi and his team of experts at his ad agency, Mullen Lowe, to learn more about their services.

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Mike Baur is the chief executive and creator of the Swiss Startup Factory. He is also a capitalist and businessman from Switzerland.


Mike Baur and his partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister started the Swiss Startup Factory in 2014. The Factory is an incubator entity that funds and mentors young and ambitious entrepreneurs from Switzerland. The incubator facility accepts applications twice a year in February and September. The acceleration program takes only three months.


The investment firm accepts the most gifted start-ups. Once the startup completes the acceleration program, it gets one month abroad in one of the best ecosystems. In addition to this, they get a half post-accelerator support. The start-up beneficiaries get exposure to a huge network of the industry of renowned industry players within their industry. The attendees of the startup also get free office facilities in the largest city in Switzerland.


Swiss Startup Factory also encourages them to interact with their peers in entrepreneurship. Some of the added benefits of landing the accelerator program of the Swiss Startup Factory include learning how to get funding from various investors, opportunities of how you can gain an eternity of success, gaining an advantage in applying for pitching contests. The fact that the Swiss Startup Factory is independent means that its decisions are not influenced by any political or economic affiliation.


The Swiss Startup Group is a holding company. The company’s Advisory Board members include influential members of society they include Stan Wawrinka who is a Grand Slam Champion, Claudia Sauter, and Claudia Coninx-Kaczynski among others.




Mike Baur is the creator of Think Reloaded which is a sophisticated company that provides financial guidance for its well to do clients. He is also on the board of BV4 which is a corporation that protects intellectual property.


While growing up in Switzerland, Mike Baur dreamt of a career in banking. After attending Bern University and the University of Rochester, Baur attained his business degrees and began his career in banking. He launched his career as a finance expert at The Union Bank of Switzerland where he started working as a mere apprentice. While working here, Mike got the opportunity of advising renowned Swiss Investors.


In 2008, he left UBS and began working for Clariden Leu where he worked as a wealth management expert. After a short stint here in an important position, he became an investor and assisted in co-founding The Swiss Startup Factory.


A Review Of How One Can Join And Benefit From The Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard has taken the wine guide market a notch higher. The company provides wine lovers with an opportunity to work from home. These wine guides enjoy handsome income based on their performance. The revolutionary company was founded in 2001. The entity organizes wine tasting events and helps the public to broaden their knowledge on wine. The public also gets to taste various wines in a relaxed and comfortable setting. Moreover, the company’s wine guides enjoy the friend-making experiences that come with their work.

It is easy for one to be a wine guide with the Traveling Vineyard. This is because anyone can join the platform. Interested individuals are provided with rigorous training and support to ensure that they are comfortable enough to set out on their own. Despite working alone, the guides are never alone! The company is always there to provide support and information that they may need to succeed in their work.

With the wide area under the company’s operation, it is not always possible to conduct training at its offices. To this end, the company prefers to connect newcomers with a wine guide leader stationed near the applicant. This leader has vast experience. He or she is well equipped to answer questions all questions relating to wine guide. The leaders invite newcomers to see for themselves how the wine guide job is done. In addition, online training supplements the training provided by the leader.

About Traveling Vineyard
Working with the Traveling Vineyard as a wine guide comes with several benefits. First, one is independent. This way, one can create a working timetable that smoothly fits into his or her life. Working from home ensures that the wine guide has the opportunity to spend adequate time with kids and spouse. The company provides its wine guides with high quality products. This makes the work of the guide even easier. Moreover, they learn about the various types of wines and how they are made. The income that one can make is not limited as with the nine-to-five kind of employment. One’s success is strictly based on his or her performance. This means that a new entrant has the opportunity to make loads of money. Traveling Vineyard has active social media pages where wine guides receive periodic updates.

In a nutshell, what Makes Jason Halpern’s Life Tick

Jason Halpern is one of the few men known to have a deep connection and passion in transforming the construction industry in America. With Jason currently working for his father’s company, JHM Development, he has changed operations in this great institution in more ways than one. His passion for real estate has always inspired his father, and that is one of the reasons as to why Jason was given the mantle seven years ago to head the corporation. With a mind full of ideas, Jason Halpern has been able to scale the heights using JMH Development. Thanks to efforts by Jason, JMH Development has now invested $500 million in construction projects across the country. The institution has categorically centered operations in the regions of Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Jason’s Family

Ever since Jason took a leadership role at JMH Development, he has been able to complete a project on 184 Kent that saw an industrial park get transformed into a multi-storey building with 340 residing apartments. Brooklyn too has not been spared by Halpern’s innovative streak. For instance, the region benefitted from the Cobble Hull Project that witnessed nine luxury homes get constructed in the area.

From past experiences, it has been a trend for Jason Halpern to build in a big way. However, recent activity shows that Jason Halpern has deviated from the norm, taking JMH Development in a direction meant to preserve places of historical importance.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

In 2015, JMH Development through Jason Halpern initiated a project that saw the company construct a modern hotel facility where Motel Ankara once stood. It is at such a juncture that Jason helped JMH Development forge partnerships with other construction corporations like ADD Inc., Plaza Construction, and Madden Real Estate Ventures. Today, the Aloft South Beach project has since gotten completed with the hotel facility accommodating 235 spacious rooms. The facility has not only occupied the area where Motel Ankara once stood but has also extended to cover a total area of 8000 square meters. Jason Halpern has helped preserve the location’s rich history by developing Aloft South Beach Hotel in a place once considered as historically significant. Jason has therefore been the lifeline for JMH Development helping the company grow and expand.

Madison Street Capital Overview of the Hedge Fund Market

The growing number of mergers and acquisition across the world is drawing the attention of hedge funds such as Madison Street Capital. According to a 2016 hedge fund mergers and acquisition report published by Hedgeweek on February 2006, Madison Street Capital closed over 42 hedge fund deals in 2015. The cumulative global total was 10 more compared to 32 deals that the firm closed in 2014. The propellants seen to be behind this rise are the wave of new transactions recorded in the Q4 of 2015 and the growth in hedge fund assets in spite of the dismal performance in the hedge fund strategies. The market is also witnessing a trend where many institutional investors are making more allocations to alternative asset management sector to cushion against meager hedge fund performance. The strategy also targets to achieve greater returns in order to enable corporations cover growing liabilities to enable seamless service delivery.


A growing number of managers are being forced to consider strategic alternatives due to a number of reasons, including downward pressure on fees and high operating cost, which is eroding business confidence. This factor is pronounced by evidence showing small hedge funds managers operating below optimal levels as a result of difficulties accessing capital. Analysts see a stronger deal environment in the coming years following strong performance market performance in 2015. Already, the new deal mechanisms taking the interest of buyers and sellers are being enforced. Besides Mergers and Acquisition, transactions are being structured in the form of PE bolts ons, PE stakes, incubator deals and seed among other structures. According to MSC Senor MD, Karl Cunha, the future trend in the hedge fund industry is pointing towards consolidations primarily by opportunistic partnerships looking to close the gap between distribution and product offering.


About Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a middle market oriented, investment banking firm headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. According to Madison Street Capital YouTube Channel, the firm boasts a formidable team of experienced staff with extensive relationships. To advance Madison Street Capital reputation as a leader, the professionals are also adept at arranging appropriate financing and capitalization structure along with making careful analysis and accurate recommendations. MSC offers an array of services, including mergers and acquisitions advisory, business valuation, restructuring, corporate finance and buy side and sell side services for private equity investors. The firm is also deeply involved in philanthropy because it believes in building stronger ties with businesses and communities all across the US. According to Madisonstreet.org, the firm supports United Way Disaster Relief Efforts of helping communities devastated by disasters like hurricanes. The support goes into providing emergency assistance and long term recovery efforts targeting education and health and financial stability.

The World Leader in the Supply of Protein Food Supplements

Professor David McDonald is the chair of the Department of Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. He is a researcher, with interests in social computing, human-computer interaction, and computer-supported cooperative work. Other areas include collaborative anchoring and social behavior change and more information click here.

Education and Institutions

Dr. David McDonald earned his Ph.D. in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine (2000). David also holds other Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees. Some of them include:

  • Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Los Angeles, 1988.
  • Masters of Science Degree from California State University, Hayward,1992
  • Masters of Science Degree from University of California, Irvine,1995 and learn more about David.

Early Career Endeavors

David McDonald first worked at FX Palo Alto Labs, in the department of Personal and Mobile Technology. He later worked with AT & T Labs, in the department of Human Computer Interaction. It was later to become one of his areas of interest in research. McDonald served in other capacities as the Program Officer for NetSE, SoCS and HCC.

David McDonald’s Role in Improving OSI Sustainability

OSI Group is a global company specializing in the supplies of protein added supplements like beef patties, sandwiches, and sausage links. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. McDonald’s contribution to improving OSI sustainability could be seen in the following developments:

  • Launching a beef processing plant in Poland
  • Establishing a new modern feed mill in Shandong Province in the Republic of India
  • Penetrating the Geneva and Hungary markets. McDonald established a global network with in-house teams and companies across the world, all to ensure the sustainability of the OSI Group

The OSI Group International

The Global-leading processors of protein supplements celebrated their 20-year China presence in September of 2012. They first opened their operation in the country in 1992, when the company began in earnest to serve McDonald’s. OSI Group single-handedly supplied 113 tons of different kinds of products including beef, pork, eggs, chicken and dehydrated onions during the 2008 world Olympics. There were zero complaints, and since then, OSI China has been widely the main reference food providers and David’s lacrosse camp.

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Provides a Tailored Approach

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Inc. has developed great skill and expertise to help their clients safely navigate the choppy seas of retirement planning. It’s a daunting proposition and can seem overwhelming to many. Wealth Solutions has timely answers for the ever changing financial world. They are a Registered Investment Advisory Firm who is able to plan and implement for every contingency. They have a wide range of clients and decades of experience to draw upon.

Wealth Solutions is able to provide comprehensive plans to help clients with Asset Protection and Wealth Management. They have a successful track record of working with affluent individuals, small-business owners, and families who have acquired significant assets. They are able to design plans which not only protect but also helps a client’s wealth base grow. They practice diversification and are adept at helping clients determine the appropriate level of risk for their situation. By utilizing professional services customers can also access investments that were hitherto unavailable to them. Learn more: http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/p/my-story

Building relationships are essential for clients to maximize the benefits of professional management. Collaboration is a crucial element and enables a full understanding of the customer’s goals and helps develop realistic timelines for achievement. It also helps customers maintain peace of mind knowing that someone is listening to them and understands fully their financial circumstances. Learn more: http://anthonycioe.com/richard-blair-providing-sound-investment-and-wealth-solutions-to-clients-in-austin-texas/

Richard Blair not only has tremendous experience in wealth management he also maintains a comprehensive list of qualifications. He is an avid proponent of continuing education and puts it to work for himself and all of his clients. He is always learning and aware of any changes in the industry. He has complete knowledge of the tax, estate, legal, and financial fields to provide outstanding service to his clients. Learn more: http://ianjenkins.net/richard-blair-and-wealth-solutions-that-work/

The Three Pillar Approach is central to Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair. This is the framework in which they serve their clients. The First Pillar is to lay out the client’s financial roadmap. Blair is able to gain a deep understanding of his client’s needs and build a collaborative relationship. The Second Pillar is implementing a long-term investment strategy. During this phase, he actively manages for his clients according to individual goals and market conditions. The Third Pillar is helping clients determine their unique needs for insurance.

Richard Blair has a strong interest in teaching due to the influence of several family members. He is now teaching his clients all about the financial world. He founded Wealth Solutions in 1994 and has provided quality service since then. They serve Austin, Tx. and surrounding areas including Houston, Bastrop, Marble Falls, Georgetown and New Braunfels. Learn more: http://creditorweekly.com/index.php/2016/05/26/investment-strategy-with-richard-blair/