Dr. Avi Weisfogel Uses Dentistry to Treat Sleep Apnea

It is evident that sleep is always disregarded by the majority of people because they have busy schedules. In most cases, you will find many people depend on coffee to endure them for long working hours. Note that this trend at is always misguided. This is because not having a quality sleep can bring a wide range of undesirable consequences on your body. The individuals who lack enough sleep will display a marked difference in general appearance and their health.

Problems Associated with Sleep Disorders

Some of the impacts of sleep deprivation include making your eyes puffy, and bloodshot, and it might cause wrinkles in your face. Having sufficient sleep and body rest for at least 9 hours is vital since it will help your body recover from stress and it gets ready for the next day activities.
Fortunately, Dr. Avi Weisfogel a leading sleep apnea expert has found a right way to help patients suffering from this disorder. Dr. Avi notes that a majority of people suffering from sleep apnea do not realize their health condition until it has become severe.


General Synopsis of Sleep Apnea

The primary reason that you must get sleep apnea treated is that it interferes with your sleeping pattern and will in most occasions cause mood swings and other chronic illnesses such as blood pressure. Note that any individual can have the sleep apnea, but recent research indicates that obese people are the most affected. This is because the unnecessary fat in the body tissues might interfere with the airways.People suffering from obesity are advised to work on cutting their weight. However, given that no human being is immune to sleep apnea, it is recommended to look for medical assistance from sleep specialists such as Dr. Avi Weisfogel.

About Dr. Avi Weisfogel

Dr. Avi is one of the few doctors in the world who is spending a lot their time in research to find solutions to sleep apnea. Dr. Avi earned has a solid educational background where he holds degrees in biology, dentistry, and psychology.

Dr. AviWeisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters. The main aim of establishing the entity was to educate other practitioners on how to deal with patients suffering from sleep disorders. His primary mission was to help people suffering from sleep apnea.

Waiakea has Invented the World’s First Fully Degradable Plastic Water Bottles

Starting next year, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will be switching to the world’s first fully degradable water bottle. This will reduce the lifespan of them by a whopping 98 percent, taking only 15 years to degrade, compared to 1,500 years! Waiakea already uses 100 percent recyclable materials to reduce waste and keep the earth greener.

You may be wondering how this is all possible. It is called TimePlast nano-additive technology. When they manufacture the product, they put a chemical process on the polymer that helps it degrade at an accelerated rate. Waiakea turns the polymer from plastic into carbon-based wax. This is completely biodegradable. For over 70 scientific research has focused on making plastic better and stronger. They don’t try to make it weaker. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water re-engineered it to contain less complicated links, so it breaks down dramatically faster. The whole process was time staking and hard though. It took five years and over 1,500 experiments to perfect it. The challenge was to break it down without making it lose it integrity. The second hardest challenge was to get the patent, the first and only of its kind. Even the biggest chemical companies could not complete the process.

The most socially responsible bottled water company Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water was founded by a 22 year old. Ryan Emmons stumbled upon the idea to create company that was aware of the environment, does good for people, and make sure the product is healthy. The trifecta of goodness was made it so successful. Companies is the current age that are solely focused on profits don’t tend to do as well.

Waiakea partnered up with PumpAid. For every bottle purchased, 650ML of clean drinking water is donated to disadvantaged rural communities in Africa. 500 million liters of water have been donated so far, changing the lives of people that need the help so desperately.

The volcanic water has lots of minerals and electrolytes, making it PH balanced. It is especially healthy for hair, nails, skin, and bones. It can help with the symptoms of acid reflux and can help fight osteoporosis.

Growing Younger with Elysium Health

Elysium Health is a company that has the aim of prolonging youthfulness by use of supplements called Basis. Basis maximizes and helps the most important metabolic processes such as cell detoxification, protein function, energy production and DNA repair. This has been motivated by research on ways of prolonging mice and worms lives in the laboratory using chemical components which are used by Elysium Health to combat aging in humans. The foundation of the company is an MIT biologist Leonard Guarente, who has a conviction that the aging rate can be slowed down via modifying the body’s metabolism as shown by the research in mice and worms. Guarente discovered in the 1990s the long term health genes or calorie restriction can extend lifespan at most 50 percent a further proof that his works are to be carried with the weight they deserve.


Elysium has Eric Marcotulli, as the CEO, and Dan Alminana, as the COO. Elysium has not formally named its investors through the company has received some high-end endorsements. The board of directors includes a former director at FDA who is currently the CEO of the Natural Products Association, Daniel Fabricant. Furthermore, Elysium has the backing of five different Nobel Prize winners giving counsel among them Eric Kandel, Jack Szostak, Thomas Südhof and Martin Karplus.

How it works

According to Guarente and his team, to prove the effectiveness of the pill in slowing aging on humans like it does on mice and worms would take a lot of years. Therefore, the main logical assumption to make is applying the effects of the pill on experimental animals to human beings as to be the same. Further, to make the pill commercial and avoid clinical trials and FDA approval needed for components treating given conditions, Elysium will package the pill nutraceuticals. To keep up with the effects and developments of the projects, the pill will be used as dietary supplement having molecules where clients will take part in surveys and post-marketing studies.

Elysium seeks to follow all the pharmaceutical quality standards during production and will avail the pill only through its website. The packages come with a price of $60 for a month’s supply and $50 monthly for an ongoing subscription.

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD)
The pill has a component that foreruns nicotinamide riboside, which the body can convert into Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide. Basis also has pterostilbene, an antioxidant that biologist Guarente says stimulates genes called sirtuins. Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide is a compound used by a person’s body to perform metabolic reactions such as breaking down glucose into energy. The cells use to do metabolic responses like discharging vitality from glucose. DNA causes the process to have fewer calories and in the process increases the life whether of a mice or a person. The premise behind Elysium’s Basis pill is tricking the body it is being starved thereby extending its life. To the amazement of it all, one does not feel hungry when using these pills.

Louis Chenevert’s Contributions to UTC

Louis Chenevert has achieved many personal and professional goals throughout his decades in the aerospace industry. He has been recognized for his achievements with awards that include the prestigious Pace Award for Leadership in Business Ethics in 2010. An eye for detail and a commitment to the highest ethical standards have made Louis Chenevert the businessman he is today.

The Path to Leadership

Louis R. Chenevert attended HEC Montreal, which is affiliated with the Business School of the University of Montreal. He earned a bachelor’s in production management. The motto of the University is “It shines by faith and knowledge,” and Mr. Chenevert quickly demonstrated dedication and creativity after he graduated.

From General Motors to UTC

Chenevert spent a remarkable 14 years at General Motors as their general manager of production. He left that position to work at Pratt & Whitney for six years in their Canadian division. Pratt & Whitney recognized Chenevert’s talents and promoted him to president of the company.

He remained the president of Pratt & Whitney for seven years until he was elected the eighth president and CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). UTC is a leader in providing services and people to the aerospace, defense, and commercial building industries.

Chenevert built an impressive legacy at UTC. In just one year, he successfully negotiated the acquisition of Goodrich, an American aerospace manufacturer, for a remarkable $18.4 billion. This expanded UTC’s already impressive portfolio.

He also contributed to the company’s culture. One of the qualities that has made UTC so successful is its commitment to transparency through the Anti-Corruption Initiative. UTC also invests in its people and helps them advance in their careers. UTC offers an Employee Scholar Program that helps its employees pay for the advanced education they might need to develop a specialty or deepen their understanding of their chosen field.

Transition to Goldman Sachs

In 2014, Chenevert resigned his position as president and CEO of UTC, and transitioned to a role as Exclusive Advisor in the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs. He works to identify opportunities in the aerospace industry as well as advise other businesses.

Mr. Chenevert regularly tweets @louis_chenevert, contributing to the conversation about A&D, defense technologies, and how Silicon Valley can improve its workplace culture.

Ricardo Tosto: The epitome of success

The state of Law and lawyers in Brazil

As it stands, Brazil has the best lawyers in the world today. Competition is high, and people are scrambling to get a place in the law firms, but the scarcity of the law firms is a problem to the success of the Brazilian lawyers. There are about 620000 lawyers in Brazil that are either working or looking for work. The people who had been in work for years are not willing to give up their positions to the younger generations so that there can be a reduction in the market pressure and what Ricardo Tosto knows.


Working for corporations

Other than the United States, Brazil equally has a large number of organizations. The organizations occasionally need professional advice on legal matters. The operation principles of the big companies do not allow them to exist without a legal representation especially on the matters of law. The requirements placed by the state pushes the organizations to create employment for the increasing number of lawyers. With their current capacity, the companies are not in a position to provide better opportunities that can accommodate the 600000 people in the market today. Change is necessary, and the lawyers have to stand up and make their choices and read full article.


Ricardo Tosto’s Example

After working for some years in the financial institutions especially the banks, Ricardo Tosto had enough of the regulations which the companies placed on him. Being an advisor, he saw a talent and an unprecedented understanding of business law. He equally included other aspects of life in his practice, and this led to his development as a lawyer. Ricardo Tosto’s legal representation was among the best that the organizations could get. He interpreted the constitution and gave his insight of the implications of certain actions that led him to win the hearts of many and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.


The employment restriction

Having been employed in the companies, Ricardo Tosto had no freedom to represent other people. His education did not restrict him to business law, but he could also represent cases of litigation and family law. He later formed his company where he could receive tenders. Together with his legal team, Ricardo Tosto has been influential in the Brazilian legal systems and resume him.

More visit: https://ricardotosto.blog/