How You Can Have An Eco-Friendly Vacation

There’s nothing better than getting away from it all and having a relaxing vacation by the beach or on a hiking trail, but there’s a growing trend toward having these vacations be eco-conscious, too. As tourists become increasingly aware of the environmental impact of taking boating tours, hiking through wildlife preserves, and other activities, demand has risen for eco-friendly tourist opportunities.


There are several ways to have an environmentally friendly vacation. First of all, consider your destination – do you want to circle the globe, or stay closer to home? Going on an airplane to a far-flung destination can release more emissions, while staying closer to home can reduce your carbon footprint. You can also talk to a travel agent or agency about holidays that support local communities and sustainable development in the destination you want to visit.


Wild Ark is a company that works to protect the world’s biodiversity, and provides travel and research opportunities that enable people who are passionate about conservation to connect with nature.


These travel experiences to Wild Ark destinations guarantee adventure and protect the environment of that destination at the same time. Destinations include Alaska, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, and East Africa. You can spend two weeks in the unspoiled wilderness of Botswana on a mobile safari, with guides who have passed through Okavango Guiding School – one of the top guiding schools in Botswana dedicated to improving guide education. Or, on one of the other offered trips, you can take a photography course in South Africa to build your wildlife photography skills.


Going on vacation doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice creature comforts to make a positive impact on the environment. You can go exploring with a leading wildlife tour company that has connections to local, sustainable organizations – giving you the best experience while protecting the planet.

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